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Arul Bernard I 14Arul Bernard I 14 

Merge two PDF into single PDF?

    It's too hard to find the solution. Is there any other to merge pdf file.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You can use PDF.js or Use NODE JS or Heroku APplication to do this one . with  Salesforce its difficult 

try this one too  REST API Blob Update

You can use SObject Basic Information, SObject Rows, or SObject Collections REST resources to insert or update blob data in Salesforce standard objects. You can upload files of any type, and you must use a multipart message that conforms to the MIME multipart content-type standard. For more information, see the WC3 Standards. You can insert or update files on any standard object that contains a blob field.
Using the SObject Basic Information or SObject Rows APIs, the maximum file size for uploads is 2 GB for ContentVersion objects and 500 MB for all other eligible standard objects. Using the SObject Collections API, the maximum total size of all files in a single request is 500 MB.


sophian smithssophian smiths
Recentaly, I used a free online PDF Merge Software which helped me Merge two PDF files easily. More details is written here: https://www.softwarewiki.org/merge-pdf/