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muneeswar umuneeswar u 

I am not able to login into my salesforce success community

We can’t log you in because of the following error.
Scott Nelson SolutionistScott Nelson Solutionist
From the community administration page you need to add the user or profle to the access list.

Scott S Nelson
Dreamstel TechDreamstel Tech
I think you have used one partner access from another developer account."partnertraining is a different account than the success community.  I know, its confusing, but different orgs so different usernames."

If it does not help you please generate the case for salesforce


You might tried to hit request on server again and again like you checked code coverage for web service.it works synchronously for that we need to do it Asynchronously.

if you find your reason in the above one then please mark as best answer.