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Kathryn PuzzangheraKathryn Puzzanghera 

Integration Issue with Zapier

Hi, I'm not a developer, but I've been directed here since apparently our organization (we're a small non-profit) doesn't have the premier support plan and so we can't get integration help.  I'm trying to create a zap between Salesforce and Asana.  I started getting an error when I tested the zap, reached out to Zapier, they ran their tests and told me I had to reach out to Salesfoce.  It's looking like an access issue, but I am a system administrator in Salesforce (and for reference, I've successfully connected other zaps to Salesforce before).  The issue looks like it's happening on the Record Type field and there seems to be some sort of permission difference between the API and an app.  Zapier support summarized the issue here: https://cdn.zapier.com/storage/files/99b2d26482e2a86d0db0ba5098988618.txt.  Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Kyle Rich 3Kyle Rich 3
We are having the a similar issue with Salesforce. We are trying to have our web developer better integrate the checkout process between our ticketing website and Patron Manager (which we pay an obscene amount of money for) and now they are telling us we basically need to figure it out for ourselves or become a "premier member", aka, give them more money....which has led me here.
chathura ranasinghe 10chathura ranasinghe 10
Hi Kathryn

What kind of a Zapier subscription you were using for your requirement? There might have different types of Permissions/ limitations, based on the subscription. So, In that case, you might need to upgrade the current Zapier version if needed. For that get the help of the Zapier contact support team. 
And Also did you connected the correct Zap between Salesforce & Asana?

Here are some Zap links :