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javier Hernandez 5javier Hernandez 5 

How can i combine the api intent on my website like a chatbot

Actually i can call the Api Intent, but how can i build like a chatbot. I shall show data tha not exists on salesforce, for this reason i cant use a einstein chatbot. Or how i can create like a chatbot using ensintein chatbot and data external. 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
  Einstein Intent  Categorize unstructured text into user-defined labels to better understand what users are trying to accomplish. 
Refer this link 


if you wanted to use  einstein chatbot try to explore using salesforce bot 
javier Hernandez 5javier Hernandez 5
tanks Raj, I decided create a Einstein bot and show on the WebSite. 
I working with the bot, but i dont how create actions to call  any api externe.
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Do you know the docuemntation about "Actions" to call from the einstein bot?