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Chinmay AbhangraoChinmay Abhangrao 

hello i want ans of following requirement ?can anybody help me to get the ans?

ABC Firm needs to see total expenditure on running campaigns against each Account in their Organization. This would be one of the key parameters to measure investment vs returns.
Requirement Details:-
Create a custom number field on Account and name it ‘Total Campaign Cost’
Create a lookup relationship on Campaign as Account.
Use Campaign ‘Actual Cost’ field for operations.
Each time a campaign status is marked as ‘Completed’ add the amount into ‘Total Campaign Cost’ field of account.
Update Account Status:
If Total Campaign Cost on Account is greater than $10,000 : Platinum
If Total Campaign Cost on Account is > $8,000 & <$10,000 : Gold
If Total Campaign Cost on Account is <$8,000: Silver
The code should be able to handle bulk data; meaning multiple campaigns can be added/updated with status as ‘Completed’ using Import Wizard or Data
Code should adhere to programming best practices like
Standardized Naming conventions
Apt utilization of collection elements
Follow of Trigger pattern
Avoiding Trigger recurrence on same object
Proper Code comments
Keeping Salesforce Governor limits into consideration
Create test class to ensure developed code can be deployed; adhere to best practices of testing framework

Chinmay AbhangraoChinmay Abhangrao
test class also