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Removing the 'SALESFORCE. Verify your username.... You are logging as 'username'. If you don't recognize...Cancel/Continue

Hello everyne,
My customer portal users receive the above pop-up window before being able to login. In 100% of the time, they have to click continue.
Furthermore, whether they click on 'Don't ask again on this device' or not, this popup always appears.
How can I remove this verification / message / popup?
Thanks in advance for gettng back to me.
Have a great weekend,
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Navigate to Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Network Access.

You can enter the trusted range in here.
If you are unsure of your IP address, check the login history.

If you do not have a static IP address then you need to keep the cookies to avoid the verification process.

You can give range as to It should cover all ranges and your devices.
Hello Raj,
Thanks for the quick reply.
But you cannot put a range to Error message: The range specified is too large
Any other idea?
Thanks in advance,
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
If you want to add this to Ip then you can add this IP on profile level..

Go to profile -- >> see Login IP Ranges -- > and add it 
Good morning Raj,
Thank you again for such a quick reply. Thank you for this answer as I had never set-up IP for profiles/users.
I did. But it does not fix the issue. To be more specific about the issue: I feel that it is not IP related, but device related.
From the same IP address (, the same Customer Portal User can log-in without this message on a desktop, but the message 'SALESFORCE. Verify your username.... You are loggin ..' appears when the user logs-in using an iPad on the same local area network.
What controls do Salesforce run in regards to devices that have previously logged-in or not? Is there a way to prevent this message from appearing?
Thanks again for your support. Have a great week.