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Rafael MottaRafael Motta 

How i can clone attachments since one record to another in the same object

I have 2 record types in Accounts object, I need copy since Prospect RecordType to Accounts RecordType if boath record have the same "Sap number" (Custom field) i need to copy Attachments from Prospect to Account. in my code I get ids, Developer names and list of records but  I have no Idea how I can clone the attachments from prospect and put it in account record do you have any similar code that could helps me ? or any solution to my problem.

Apex Class:

public class Set_attachments {
public static void TESTMETOD(list<Account>Accountlist){
    //obtener lista de  prospectos
    List<Account>Accountlistprospect=new List<Account>();
    //obtener lista de cuentas
    List<Account>Accountlistaccount=new List<Account>();
    //obtener Id de las cuentas 
    Set<id>AccountlistId=new Set<id>();
    //obtener numero de sap
    Set<String>AccountlistSapnumber=new Set<String>();
    //obtener Attachments
    Map<Attachment,id> MapaaccAttachment = new Map<Attachment, id>();
    // hace el recuento de cuentas 
    for(Account acc:Accountlist){
        //Record Type prospectos
        if((acc.RecordTypeId==Schema.SObjectType.Account.getRecordTypeInfosByDeveloperName().get('Prospect').getRecordTypeId()) && acc.ONTAP_SAP_Number__c!=null){
    For(Account acc:[Select id, ONTAP_SAP_Number__c from Account WHERE ONTAP_SAP_Number__c in:AccountlistSapnumber AND RecordTypeId=:Schema.SObjectType.Account.getRecordTypeInfosByDeveloperName().get('Account').getRecordTypeId()]){
    For(Attachment att:[Select id,Parentid from Attachment WHERE id in:AccountlistId]){
        MapaaccAttachment.put(att, att.ParentId);


pankul guptapankul gupta
Hi Rafael,

Please find the below links for your reference how to copy the attachments from one record to another.


Please let me know if you are still not able to. Will look into your code then.

Pankul Gupta