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Josh Brown 14Josh Brown 14 

Send email based on custom field change on a case

We currently have a custom picker field on all of our cases that is populated with employee names. When a case worker needs additional help, we want them to choose an employee and have SF send an email to the chosen employee saying that additional help is needed. The reason for doing this is that the team that offers additional help is an Engineering team and therefore uses a different product to track bugs/help requests that can't integrate into SF. From my research, it looks like I can only doing this via Apex Triggers, but before I spent time learning Apex, I wanted to clarify that this was the path to go!

pankul guptapankul gupta
Hi Josh,

Yes you are correct, that's the only feasible way of achieving it by writing a trigger. Where you have to define, as soon as a case worker needs additional help (some field should be updated here) and based on the field update, you can write the Logic inside the trigger to send an email to the chosen Employee.

Please let me know if in case you have further queries with respect to this.

Pankul Gupta
Josh Brown 14Josh Brown 14

Thanks for the response. Could it also be done using an email alert within a workflow rule? The rule criteria could be Case: [custom field] equals [employee name] and the immediate workflow action would be to send an alert?