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trailhead: custom object in our sample org called Case Study

Where do I find custom object 'Case Study'? Is it in the Trailhead playground or Developer edition org?
My query is based on this:
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Install the below package as given above the challenge in trailhead playground.

Follow below steps.

1.Log into trailhead.
2.Create new trailhead playground, select it and click "Launch"
3.Refer below link and get trailhead playground username and password.

4. Go to  https://na43.lightning.force.com/packagingSetupUI/ipLanding.app?apvId=04to0000000Ck0L this link in an incognito window or another browser.
5.Install in production by providing trailhead playground credentials.
6.Click on "Launch" and check in trailhead playground if App is installed and then check for objects.

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This package does not have custom object 'Case Study'. Lightning Alternatives to JavaScript Buttons has following:

 quickcontact    Lightning Component Bundle
 QuickContactController_Test    Apex Class
 QuickContactController    Apex Class
Terry UlanchTerry Ulanch
By inspecting the code, I created the Case Study object on my own using the following and it worked:

Case Study

API Name

lable                     api                       type 
Email                     Email__c             Email  
Nickname             Nickname__c      Text(80) 
Password             Password__c      Text (Encrypted)(80)

NOTE: Name field is a default field created when the object is created.
Thank you, @Terry! This helped me move forward with this Trail.