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Christina Lam 7Christina Lam 7 

Possible to create a field with multiple lookup(s)?

Hi all! Is it possible to create a field with multiple lookup(s) in a custom object page? 

In the custom object page, there are 3 pages (from a seperate custom object) that fall within the same field, however I would like to have them as individual look-up fields. If this is possible, how can I go about with this? 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Yes .. 

You can create a muliple looks with the same filed and make sure your API name is unique 

Christina Lam 7Christina Lam 7
Can you provide more details about how to access the multiple looks option and also ensuring the API name is unique? I went to "new custom field" page and do not see the multiple looks as an option for data type. Thanks for your help, Raj!
Shubham NandwanaShubham Nandwana
Hi Christina,
Lookups are one to one relationship, you can not store more than one value in a single lookup field.
For a custom/standard object, you can create a maximum of 40 relationships (lookup or master-detail) fields.
Apart from this, you can also create many to many relationships (master-detail) or many to many relationships (using junction object).

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Meenu MathewMeenu Mathew
Hi Christina,

It is possible to create mutiple lookups in a same custom object.
If you are creating Lookup relationship, then the object can have a maximum off 25 relationship.
If its Master- detail relationship, then the object can have a maximum off 2 relationship. This object will be reffered as junction object.

Christina Lam 7Christina Lam 7
Thanks for all your feedback! what is main difference between master-detail and junction object? 
Meenu MathewMeenu Mathew

Master detail relationship
Using master-detail relationships we can  model many-to-many relationships between any two objects. 

Junction object

We use Master-detail relationship to create junction objects.
A junction object is a custom object with two master-detail relationships, and is the key to making a many-to-many relationship.