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Set Default "Related To" field on activity to custom object


I am trying to set the default value of "RelatedTo" field on activity to a custom object. In classic we can simply use URL hacking & custom button to set it. But in lightning i haven't figured out any solution.By default Related To has defaulted to Accounts...Also I know there is an Idea Pending with salesforce, But i was wondering what is current workaround.

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So if anyone know ANY way to set "Related TO" field on Activity please let me know. Is visualforce page to replicate the whole Activity section ..the only option?

Thanks for your time:)
Amay Trivedi 10Amay Trivedi 10
I think you have to build a custom component for that
Yeah...thats what i was worried about....Desigining complete lightning component will take lot of time and energy. Any existing lisghtning components i can use to design this lightning component?

Thanks for your time :)