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Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9 

Flow executing even when criteria isn't true...?

I have a flow that updates a bunch of fields when a lead is converted with an opportunity. But it is updating even when the lead is converted without an opportunity. I think I found out why, where. All I need is a second piece of criteria. Currently it just says:

Converted = yes THEN proceed. 

I need to add in, converted AND has an opportunity. Can anyone help me put that piece into the puzzle? 

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kamala swarnalathakamala swarnalatha

You have to put the piece of code in the place that after the second picture that 

{!isConverted}=True      AND    Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion= checked 

It indicates that the Lead with Opportuntity.

Hope this helps!

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