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Puja Gupta 18Puja Gupta 18 

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Ques: Universal container (UC) has integration with its accounting system that creates ten thousand of orders inside salesforce in a nightly batch. UC wants to add automation that can attempt to match leads and contacts to these orders using email address field on the insert. UC is concerned about the performance of the automation with large data volume.

Which tool should UC use to automate this process?

Ans: Workflow rules
Process builder with an autolunached flow
Process Builder.

Please tell me correct answer.

Waqar Hussain SFWaqar Hussain SF
Matteo Longhi 13Matteo Longhi 13
Hi Waqar ,
can you pleasly explain why Apex is the right answer ?

Thank you in advice !
Kishore PotlaKishore Potla
Since it is a nightly batch job, and number of records are more (Around 10K), Hence (Asynchronous)APEX is best option.