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sumit dsumit d 

no notification received by compliance team

Hi All,
        my need is that when a child case is created for compliance team to handle,  no notification is received by the compliance team. the tem should receive the notification?
Any suggestion?
Are you assigning the cases to queue? Queue Email needs to be configured when defining a queue.
If it is through assignment rules, there will be checkbox to notify owner in assignment rules.
sumit dsumit d
i have a case related team named PTM-compliance ,now i want to send notification to this team members when case is created
PTM Compliance is this the queue name? Are the cases ownership getting assigned to this team. Go to Queues and see if the queue email is configured and Send Email to Members checkbox is checked.
Are you talking about case team members?
sumit dsumit d
PTM complience is record type And a case team is defined under case teams and when i create a case the case team member should  receive notification when case is created
sumit dsumit d

       i have two predefined Case teams 1. PTM-service 2.PTM-compliance . now my requirement is that when a member of PTM-service Case team is create a case an email notification should receive by PTM-compliance team
   here i need to compare if Case.CreatedbyId is member of PTM Servie team then send email to Complinace team.
   how to do it with trigger or process flow if possible?