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Puja Gupta 18Puja Gupta 18 

Need help with on equestion for correct answer

A Visualforce page is written with the following controller and extensions.
<apex:page standardController=”Account” extensions=”myExtension”>
<apex:inputField value =”(!account.name)”/><p/>
<apex:commandButton value =”Save” action=”(!save)”/>
The extension class myExtension has a public save() method.
Which save method or methods will be used by the Visualforce page?


Ans: the save method from the standardController
both – myExtension first, then the standardControllermeet
the save method from the controller extension
both – the standardController first, then myExtension

please let me know correct answer.

meghana kollumeghana kollu
if both have the methods then extension controller method is called after that standard Controller method .
Hi  Puja Gupta 18,
   The save method from the controller extension