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tulasi ram 1tulasi ram 1 

how to hide password in inspect or DOM elements

<input id="pwd" name="pwd" placeholder="Password" type="password" value="abc123" aria-invalid="false" class="valid">
Password is showing in different places like network preserve log, inspect elements.
this is the situation which i am facing in inspect elements. How to hide the password element or value in DOM elements. Please help me in this
Dinesh GopalakrishnanDinesh Gopalakrishnan
Hi Tulasi Ram,

View source is a representation of static HTML, so if you create any element dynamically, it will not be displayed in view source.

I Hope the below Link will help you.

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DineshKumar Gopalakrishnan​
It might not be possible. For more information, you can view this article https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34430911/hiding-password-field-content-from-users
@dinesh, The question is related to the password field value which most of the time will be static HTML. So the creation of dynamic HTML is not applied here.