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Visualforce tab doesn't always redirect correctly

We have a Visualforce tab that users go to and occassionally get "stuck" on at a URL similar to this:


The Visualforce page ends up not loading. Normally, they'll see this URL for just a second and then get directed to the Visualforce page, for example: https://c.cs67.visual.force.com/apex/sa_testredirect?sfdc.tabName=01r0n000000D6k3

Does anyone know what could cause this? It does not happen consistently, however I have only seen it in Chrome. The Visualforce page also ends up loading correctly if the user refreshes the page. I also haven't tested this with every Visualforce tab we have, but I suspect it's a general issue. I've been able to replicate it both with custom Visualforce pages we've developed and others from managed packages.

It seems to be not the general issue. Please check the code of your custom Visualforce Page. Some HTML elements or JavaScript scripts are causing the problem with Chrome Browser. I would suggest testing your Visualforce page with every browser.
Thanks for the response Prolay. I just created a very simple Visualforce page for troubleshooting - just some text - and I still have this issue occassionally, and it only seems to happen in Chrome. Here is the Visualforce page:
<apex:page >
    page text

Do you know what could cause that?