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Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11 

How to create a ticketing system

We have email accounts specifically designed to handle inquiries. We want these emails to push to Salesforce and have the process operate like a ticketing system. Which solution would be ideal?

Cases – Natively in Salesforce
Zendesk – This would be new for us
We’re open to other solutions

  • There are different inquiry “types”
  • Should there be a different tab for each inquiry type?
  • It might be better to keep it under the inquiries tab and have a filter system showing the desired inquiry type.
  • Easily monitor and consolidate – Ability to merge “tickets”.
  • We don’t need these inquiries to be stored in Salesforce as activities/notes. If we use Zendesk, we may not utilize the Salesforce integration, as it's not necessary for the conversations to be stored in Salesforce.