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Denis JaffreDenis Jaffre 

home page setup with SF lightning

I'm kinda new to salesforce administration.

I have found the way to set up the "home" page in Salesforce by clicking on "edit page".
My problem is I can customize the page only with certains items (in my case : "asistant", Chatter feed" (...) Report Chart", "today's tasks" for instense).

I need to setup a home page for my salesteams with several Reports. I just can't find the way to duplicate the "repoart chart" item and select different Charts.

I must be missing something here...
Hoping someone can advice,


 Select "Edit Page" on the Home tab. In the App Builder select "Pages" dropdown and choose "New Page".  Choose "Home" page. Give it a label name.  Finish. Drop on the Report widget from left panel into the component blocks. 

Denis JaffreDenis Jaffre
Hi Tim,

Thanks, I managed that part. But what I want is to have on the same home page several different reports. Salesforce widget "Report Chart' always shows the same report. I can't find where to change it and how to setup report A and report B on the same homepage..

But maybe this is something we can not do withour going throught a development...