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insert trigger - entity_is_deleted error in Production. Works fine in Sandbox

I am facing a strange behavior of my apex code in Production, which does not occur in Sandbox. I can't pinpoint the issue.
Basically an apex class insert a record, which triggers a 'Before Insert' trigger, and then an 'After Insert' trigger.
The Before Trigger runs fine, but the After Insert trigger is never actuated, and the apex 'insert record' returns a 'Entity_is_Deleted'.
The user/profile is able to insert the record using another apex class in Production, so this is not a security/visibility/right issue.
Any idea?  Thanks in advance for getting back to me.
All the best,
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you share the code ? Before that can you compile and see all the classes ??
Hi Rav;
I fell that the code will not help you. Too big.One clue is that the same code runs in Production with a different user profile.
Although it says 'Entity is deleted', it is in fact never inserted. The Before Delete trigger for th record does not run. ????