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Renan AndradeRenan Andrade 

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Challenge 3

I'm having issues with Challenge 3. I put the screenshots if someone need.
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This is the error mensage:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data.

swapnil shikha 13swapnil shikha 13
@Renan Andrade I am getting the same issue
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this is my report:
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shashi kumar 58shashi kumar 58
Hi @swapnil shikha 13, @Renan Andrade

Please follow the below points
1. User-added image
2. Step
User-added image
3. Step
User-added image
4 step
User-added image

5. Step
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6. Step

shashi kumar 58shashi kumar 58
6User-added image
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I faced same Error "The solarbot status averages report is displaying cumulative data." I tried many things but all failed, but finally i came up with a solution below:-

Filters are -> status date: all time & show me: all solarbots 
Other things are in the below image..
Follow the above image
Hope my above solution solve the same problem faced by other. If it does, please take a moment to mark  'Best Answer' to close the issue and help others in the community with similar questions. 
Kamakshi AhirwarKamakshi Ahirwar
Thanks @Malhar Agale, I was stuck at the same problem and your solution helped me.
Athulya Mohan 11Athulya Mohan 11
I still keep getting this error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data". I have followed all these steps, still, keep getting this same error. would someone know why this could be?User-added image
Haytam OuahbiHaytam Ouahbi
Hi @athulya , 
I had the same problem.
to resolve it, i deleted the report and created a new one.
Percent Obscured, Panel Temperature, Kilwowatt Hours are set to Average 


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I hope this resolve your problem.
sathish t 33sathish t 33
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data.User-added imageUser-added image
John C SchaafJohn C Schaaf
Thanks, Hytam. Your advice was right on the mark.
Divya KannayagariDivya Kannayagari
Thanks @Haytam Ouahbi   ...Your anwers helped me in clearing the challenge :)
Mark DharmaratneMark Dharmaratne
Thanks @Haytam Your anwers helped me! the Key was
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Akash DeokarAkash Deokar
hi, I have created custom report with solarbot as primary object. Please confirm from where i can get Status Date field in report.
Pavel BergomiPavel Bergomi
Can't find Status Date field (HELP PLEASE) :D

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Hi @ Akash Deokar and @ Pavel Bergomi,

So you are most probably not having the Status Date field in the SolarBot and Status Data Report type.
1)So just go to that Report Type and in the last Section of Fields Available for Reports, click the button Edit Layout.
2) Add the Status Date Button to the layout as shown in the screenshot.
Layout Page

Hope It resolves your issue. :)

Pavel BergomiPavel Bergomi
@AVINASH NAIR Thank you very much! you made my day! 
Yash Sharma 73Yash Sharma 73
Can anyone help me with my error,It is showing "SolarBot Status Averages"  not found in correct folder.

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kamel baccarkamel baccar

1) You have to save it on the "status report" under "SolarBot Support Reports". 
2) In case you have reached the second error about "cumulative data" you should consider this screen, it was fixed as below: 

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Alex StojanovicAlex Stojanovic
This worked for me!

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Barna MahatoBarna Mahato
I also faced the same problem "The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data." . For the solution i delete the current report and created new report with the following configuration. And this worked for me
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Nassim BouhadoufNassim Bouhadouf
I can't find the status date field, I tried what @AVINASH NAIR said but I couldn't find it there too. The SolarBot and Status Data  doesn't even have the status date field. Please can you help me, I don't want to redo everything as I already advanced in others tasks. Thank you.