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Hey all!
My first post so go easy!

I have an object, Project, which contains details of all project members. One of my projects is actaully my list of Project Managers.
When creating a New project I need to search and assign a PM from my "Project Managers" project.  I can set up a field Lookup but that is only to the object and not a specific record. Is there an easy way of achiveing this?

I do hope that makes sense!?
If I am understanding correctly, your working with two objects. Would a "cross-object formula field" on the 'Project' object be a solution? 
Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9

Thanks for replying!

These projects all sit within the same object, I guess the set up can be seen as a Programme of work with lots of different projects (project teams).  I'm tryig to manage the list of project team members and assign a project manager from the "project manager" pool to each actual project. The app will govern who can view and know about projects.

The behaviour I hoped for was that on the create new porjcet form I'd have a search field that looked in the "project manager" project and pulled names from there. However, the more I've looked the less likely this is possible and creating a second object for my project managers and doing a cross-object formual as you suggest is possibly the only route.