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Looking for Part-time Remote Dev Opportunity


I have over 10 years of SFDC experience in different sizes of business in various industries including Financial, Non-Profit, Retail, Telecommunications, Marketing, etc.  For my full profile, please refer to my LinkedIn profile or email me.

I am currently looking for a remote position of 10 - 30 hours part-time direct contract SFDC developer.  I have been working on Sales and Service Console.  Outside of Ailge and Waterfall development, I have been working as Sev 1 Prod Issue support as well.

As per development, I am experienced in both Waterfall and Agile.  In Agile development perspective, I am more keen on developing rapid PoC to move the iteration even faster in order to save more time on educated guess.

I specialized in integrations, responsive UI development, and rapid development (e.g. instead of building full Visualforce page, I prefer using Custom Butotns on Standard Page Layout, Process Builder and Approval Process as Process Skeletons, and Apex as modular processor).

I am flexible on time zone and work hours.  I look forward to discuss possible exciting work opportunities with you.  Please email me at andy.leung@quickfixters.com.


Andy Leung
Andy on CloudAndy on Cloud
I am still searching for new fully remote part-time developer position and will be available for 20 - 30 hours per week.  Please email me for resume.  Looking forward to discussing more about your exciting opportunity.