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Malisa Gibbons 9Malisa Gibbons 9 

Inline Editing - Cannot edit close date on inline view?

I have inline Editing enabled in production but it is not allowing anyone including Admins to change the close date.  I logged in my sandbox and it works.  What could be creating this to not be working in production?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Malisa,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

May I request you please confirm if you have the below permissions for the user in production org?
  • Enable Inline Editing' and 'Enable Enhanced Lists' preferences turned on (under Setup | Customize | User Interface).
  • Sharing Permissions allowing you to edit the records in the list.
  • Permissions allowing you to edit the fields displayed in the list.
Note: Inline editing enforces all page layout properties, such as marking fields 'read-only' or 'hidden.'

Please let us know if this helps.

Sandeep K 49Sandeep K 49

 If your organization uses Record Types, you must include a Record Type Filter for a single Record Type in the List View criteria as inline editing only works for lists that are filtered on a single record type. 

For example: 'Record Type EQUALS Business Account' or 'Record Type EQUALS <blank>' (for records that don't have a record type).

Inline editing from a list will not work if there are any 'OR' filters in conjunction with a record type filter (all list filters must be joined by an 'AND' logic).

Note: More than 5 filters even if the logic is AND we cannot use Inline editing

2. All the record types on object for which the inline editing is not working are inactive.

This is working as designed because if there are record types, we need to use the filter (Record Type EQUALS "<name>") and if there are no record types, the inline works fine. 

But if all record types are inactive, the inline editing will not work since we cannot use the above filter.

To resolve this issue you will either need to: 
a) Delete all inactive record types for that object. 


b) Have at least one active record type for Accounts. This record type need not be assigned to any profile and then we can use the filter Record Type EQUALS <blank>