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Pedro SallesPedro Salles 

How to capture the ID of a contract in a trigger?

I created a trigger to invoke an apex class. The trigger is activated every time a contract is entered, i needed to get the ID of this contract, put it on the trigger and send it to my apex class, where i will conduct a query to send information to a partner Webservice.
I'm not finding content for this subject in Trailhead and developer.salesforce.
Could someone help me with this problem?

Thank you
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Niraj Kr SinghNiraj Kr Singh
Hi Pedro,

You can follow this code snipet and modify according to your further requirements.

/**** Trigger *****/
Trigger contractTrigger on Contract(after Insert) {
    contractTriggerHandler.processContract(trigger.newMap); //Here is your class calling
/*****Class ******/
public class contractTriggerHandler {
    public static void processContract(Map<Id, Contract> newContractMap) {
        Set<Id> contractIds = new Set<Id>();
        contractIds.addAll(newContractMap.keySet()); //Will get all new Contract Ids
        //Do your logic here to send information to a partner Webservice.

Hope it will help you.