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Christina Lam 7Christina Lam 7 

Converting Percentage to Number

Hello! What is the best approach to convert a percentage into a number between two fields? For instance, if Field A is 60%, then Field B would indicate a number based on Field A's 60%. In Field B, 1=90-100%, 2=80-90%, 3=60-80%, 4=40-60%, 5=20-40%, 6=0-20%. 

I tried a CASE formula, however when I type in a decimal for a percentage, there is a syntax error. Thanks!
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Try some think linke this 

Using nested ifs and add other conditions 
AND(A__c >90 ,A__c<100) , 1 , 
IF( AND(A__c >90 ,A__c<60) , 2 ,0 ))

Christina Lam 7Christina Lam 7
Hi Raj,

I tried your formula, but Field B is still coming up as a blank number. Do you have any suggestions on why this might not be working? Thanks!