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Chad RitchieChad Ritchie 

Referring to a Radio Value

Hey guys,

I'm creating a button on Salesforce that will automatically fill in many of the fields in an existing form that we use. But, I've run in to issues trying to autofill a question on the form which is in radio input type(3 different choices, looks like a multiple choice test, and only one can be picked). We need to prefill the top choice "option 1" as default, but we don't have the ability to actually change the form, so we have to figure out how, in a salesforce URL button, to have a default answer for this question. So far I have .................&BenchmarkKey=  input type=radio value="1"        But it is not working, if someone could help me figure out how to refer to a radio button in a salesforce URL Detail Page Button, that would be amazing! Thank you in advance!