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Morgan MarcheseMorgan Marchese 

why is developer console so terrible?

Developer console is Salesforce's way for us to check debug logs, track governor limit issues, run queries, and generally just debug all of our developer stuff.... and yet, it's TERRIBLE.

It freezes constantly, it often says it couldn't finish "long running operations", switching perspectives causes the whole browser to lock up, and then once the perspective finally changes it takes a huge amount of time to go from tab to tab (if you can go at all). Once it freezes/crashes, good luck getting it back up because it takes forever to load (if it even loads at all).

This thing is supposed to be our lifeline, our tool to help figure out what's wrong, and I can't even get it to work. Is there an alternative to this poorly implemented program? I can't stand this anymore, I've been trying to suffer through it for 3-4 years now and enough is enough. Why do more people not complain about this tool, and why has Salesforce not released something better by now?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
are you using IE ?? Check your network connection 
Morgan MarcheseMorgan Marchese
Not using IE. Using Chrome, Firefox, doesn't matter - the tool is poor. Across multiple computers, multiple environments, multiple networks, it never works right. Freezing is a regular occurence to the point where I avoid going into the console in the first place unless I absolutely need to. If I keep the console open while doing normal work in Salesforce, it causes my entire Salesforce browser tab to freeze occassionally.
surojit Mondalsurojit Mondal
Yehh Morgan,

And I am also facing the same issue. And it is banging on as multiple developers are working simultaneously.
Sanjay Bhati 95Sanjay Bhati 95
Hi Morgan,

This can happen because of these points.
1. Multiple developers working on the developer console at the same time.
2. IF some developers are working on the Lightning component in the developer console.
3. Another, somewhere API is using in org then it slows down the developer console.


Morgan MarcheseMorgan Marchese
Hi Sanjay,

I appreciate the insight, and I am aware that certain high-volume activities cause more issues in Developer Console than others. The point still remains, Developer Console is a poor alternative to a robust debugging solution, and it shouldn't be subject to so many issues if its meant to be the main source of debugging provided on the Salesforce platform.
Sanjay Bhati 95Sanjay Bhati 95
Hi Morgan,

Yes, For debugging purpose it's very slow doesn't matter the users. If you want to debug anything you can use debug log. Maybe you know about it. but see below steps.

Setup > Quick Find > Debug Log > Set debug for a particular user and you can see there it will display all the logs very clear.
Totally agree Morgan, Debug Console is so slow. We've switched to using mainly Visual Studio Code with its debugging tools for development.