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Contact across 2 partners

I have a sharing rule set up to allow a customer to see several different worksite accounts.  His account is on a worksite that is under one partner.  Some of the other worksites are under another partner.  These partners cannot see each others cases, worksites or contacts.  The partner that cannot see this customer needs to add him as a contact on one of their worksites.  I hope this makes sense.  How can I share a certain contact across 2 partners?

Contact User with Account Name of Worksite B

Partner A                                      Partner B
Worksite 1                                    Worksite A
Worksite 2                                    Worksite B
Worksite 3                                    Worksite C

Public Group = Customer

Sharing Rule = account name = Worksite 1, Worksite 2, Worksite 3, Worksite A, Worksite B, Worksite C
Shared with Public Group = Customer

Partner A needs to assign Contact User to a case for Worksite 3, cannot see the contact as it is under Worksite B at the other partner.