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Lightning:formattedNumber - refreshing value


What is the Salesforce recommended solution for refreshing output values after an event such as onblur? For example, user clicks away from a form field after entering a number, in JS im running a calculation to update a total value displayed on the screen with lightning:formattedNumber. Currently the value in the lightning:formattednumber is not changing even though the value behind the scenes is changing correctly. 
<lightning:input onblur="{!c.updateEstimate}" type="number" placeholder="0.00" variant="label-hidden" label="Service or Treatment" value="{!v.wrapperClass.itemCost}" formatter="currency" step="0.01" />
<lightning:formattedNumber style="currency" value="{!v.wrapperClass.adjustedtotal}" />
updateEstimate : function(component, event, helper) {
        //preloaded percentage amount
		var stPercent = component.get('v.wrapperClass.adjustmentPercent');
		var stCost = component.get('v.wrapperClass.itemCost');