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Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9 

Process Builder - Formula to check for record with specific criteria

Hi all,

I have a Process tree setup for adding new contacts to various plans and I'm now at the stage that I need put the final branch formulas in place. However, my newbie approach to all things SF is slowing (hindering) me to a point I no longer know where I should be starting!!!

What I'm trying to do is check if a new app Contact has a record in my custom object, Plan, where the project is "Super Stars" and also an "Active" status.  If its true then move on, else follow the branch.

This is what I've been playing with...but with little success (I think I've cut/paste from too many examples and sources).

 [Plan__c].Contact__c  <> [Plan__c].Contact__c.Username ,
 (ISPICKVAL([Plan__c].Status__C, "Active"),
 [Plan__c].Project__C <> "Super Stars"),
 (ISPICKVAL([Plan__c].Project__r.Status__c, "Active")

So, ignoring the forumla that you wrote for a minute, if I understand what you're trying to do, you're saying that the logic should be:

[Plan__c].Contact__c IS EQUAL TO [Plan__c].Contact__c.Username
[Plan__c].Status__C IS EQUAL TO "Active"
[Plan__c].Project__C IS EQUAL TO "Super Stars"
[Plan__c].Project__r.Status__c IS EQUAL TO "Active"

Then the whole formula should be FALSE so that the record does not go on to the action steps? If not, then please fix my logic and I can help you more.

The other question I have is: have you tried to do this using the 'visual' Conditions? So, you would select the field "Plan : Contact" and then "Equals" > "field reference" >  "Plan : Contact : Username"

Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9
Hi Fozzy,

The logic is a little different. When adding a contact to a project, say "Stars" project, I want to check that "Stars" status is equal to Active and that the same contact is NOT Active in project "Super Stars". This should return a true and execute the process branch. If the contact is Active in "Super Stars" then move on to the next branch and validation check. 

For the visual conditions I had tried a few variations, but couldn't achive what I wanted (actually, didn't achive anything)!!!

Hi Neil,

I'm having a little trouble because I'm lacking some details. I imagine Project is a custom object. Can one Project record have multiple Contacts? And can one Contact have multiple Project records?
Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9

This is right. Custom object with many contacts and contacts belonging to multiple projects.

This is to manage project team resourcing and access to project information. I have some particular projects where the resources are safe guarded and can’t be allocated again or to other particular projects.

I really appreciate the help, this is literally the last bit for me (and obviously the trickiest bit for my lack of knowledge).