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sumit dsumit d 

test class for contentDocumentLink trigger helper

Hi All,
       My Helper class is given below:-
 *  Trigger Helper Class to parse image response
 *  Parse Image response From social post
 * */
public without sharing class ContentDocumentLinkTriggerHelper {
    public static List<ContentDocumentLink> newList;
    public static List<ContentDocumentLink> oldList;
    public static Map<Id, ContentDocumentLink> newMap;
    public static Map<Id, ContentDocumentLink> oldMap;
    public static Boolean runTrigger = true;
    // method to Parse Image response from social Post
    public static void parseImageResponse(){
        Set<Id> socialPostIds = new Set<Id>(newMap.keySet());
        List<Predictions__c> pdcList = new List<Predictions__c>();
        Set<Id> setLinkId = new Set<Id>();
        for(contentdocumentlink cdl : newList){
            if(String.valueOf((cdl.LinkedEntityId)).startsWith('0ST') && !setLinkId.contains(cdl.LinkedEntityId)){
                String jsonResponse = EinsteenPredictionService.getImagePrediction('test');
                EinsteenPredictionService ep= EinsteenPredictionService.parseImagePrediction(jsonResponse);
                for(EinsteenPredictionService.cls_probabilities result: ep.probabilities) {
                    Predictions__c    pc = new Predictions__c();
                    pc.Label__c = result.label;
                    pc.Probability__c = result.probability;
                    pc.Social_Post__c = cdl.LinkedEntityId;
        //Check Prediction list Has value or not
        if(pdcList.size() > 0){
            insert pdcList; 
how to write test class for this helper class?
Any suggestions?
Saurav PrasadSaurav Prasad
Taking this as reference you can write the test class

Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur

Hi Sumit,

You can start with below code and customize as per your logic:

private class contentDocumentLinkTriggerTest{
static void itShould()
    Account acc = new Account(name='test acc');
    insert acc;
    Contact con = new Contact(lastname='test cont',accountid=acc.id);
    insert con;
    Opportunity opp = new Opportunity(name='testoppty',AccountId=acc.id,stageName='Qualification',closedate=system.today());
    insert opp;

    ContentVersion content=new ContentVersion(); 
        content.PathOnClient='/' + content.Title + '.jpg'; 
        Blob bodyBlob=Blob.valueOf('Unit Test ContentVersion Body'); 
        content.origin = 'H';
    insert content;
    ContentDocumentLink contentlink=new ContentDocumentLink();
        contentlink.contentdocumentid=[select contentdocumentid from contentversion where id =: content.id].contentdocumentid;
        contentlink.ShareType = 'V';
    insert contentlink;

Let me know if it helps. If it does, kindly mark this question as Best. 



sumit dsumit d
Hi kamal,
its giving this error:-System.UnexpectedException: ContentPublication Limit exceeded.