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doubts for salesforce certified administrator questions

I am writing salesforce certified administrator next week so just wanted to clarify a few questions

1.  Universal containers has activated web-to-case on their corporate website. IT configured the auto-resposne to thank the customer for logging
      the case and activated assignment rules based on the state (USA) in which the customer resides. Case ownership is therefore determined
      and routed to the corresponding queue- North , South , East or west. 
      Customer cases that do not meet the existing ctiteria should be assigned to queue - world.
      what solution will satisfy this requirement.

a. using a workflow rule, change the owner of new cases outside the US to Queue-world
b. In an active case flows, change the name of the Queue to World
c. Using a trigger, change the owner of cases outside the US to Queue-World.
d. In case support settings, change default case owner to queue-world.

My answer : A

2.. which two chart types should be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report?

a.stacked bar chart
b. donut chart
c.grouped line chart
d.funnel chart

My answer : stacked bar chart
                    grouped line chart

3. Universal containers uses a private data access model for Cases. Support agents own cases and occasionally product specialists need access
     to cases in their product line.

    which two actions will result in the needed access?

   choose 2 answers.

a.  case owners configure pre-defined case teams
b.  A case escalation rule assigns partnership to product specialists.
c. administrators configure pre-defiend cases teams and assignment rules.
d. case owners manually add product specialists to ad hoc case teams

My answer : A , C

4.*Universal containers has a custom object named Feedback whcih is ued to cature the user candid comments about their experiences at work. The sales team and all representatives have roles in the role hierarchy with  sales representatives directly under the sales team.
HR requires that all  Feedback records should be private to each User.

what action should an administrator take to ensure the requirement is met?

a. confirm Feedback object is set to private and uncheck role hierarchy in organization wide sharing.
b. confirm Feedback object is set to restricted and uncheck "enable role hierarchy" in organization wide settings.
c. Confirm Feedback object is set to restricted and Uncheck "Grant Access Using Hierarchies" in organization wide settings.
d. Confirm Feedback object is set private and Uncheck "Grant Access Using Hierarchies" in organization wide settings.

My answer : C

5.Universal containers wants to sales reps to see the industry revenue, annual revenue and account owner at a glance on their mobile devices.
 This information should be located at the top of the account record.

what should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

a.compact layout
b.Mobile card
c.page Layout
d. field set

My asnwer : B

6.. which two are capabilities of the content delivery features of salesforce content?

choose 2 answers.

a.associate the content delievry with the salesforce record.
b.password protect content deliveries that contain sensitive data.
c.Customize the URL assigned to the content delivery.
d.encrypt certain content delivery files.

My answer : A ,C

7.A user profile has log in hour restrictions set to Monday through Friday,8:00 am to 5:00 pm.The user logged in at 4:30 p.m.onTuesday and it is now 5:01 pm. Which behavior of the application should the user expect?

a.The user will be able to continue working but will be unable to starts any new sessions.
b.The user will be able to continue working and start new session.
c.The user will be logged out and unsaved work in process will be saved.
d.The user will be logged out and any unsaved work in process will be lost.

My answer : A , D

Please let me know my answers are right or wrong.