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Stéphane C.Stéphane C. 

How to change lead status when an email is sent?

Is it possible to change lead status when an email is sent to a contact?

I think a trigger can do it but I don't see how to begin it. Which object do I have to look at with this trigger? EmailMessage don't seem to be the right one.

Stéphane C.Stéphane C.
Ok. I think I can look at the lead activity and at the activity subtype.

If an "Email" subtype exist also I can consider that a contact has been taken. And I can change the status.
Nandigam RajeshNandigam Rajesh
Hi Stephane,
you can complete this through lead activity .

Stéphane C.Stéphane C.
Thank you Rajesh.

Is it possible to have some tips to achieve it?