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Purushottam Dank 1Purushottam Dank 1 

send list of records to user

send mail to user list of records
Hello , I have custom object name team on that object i have field date of joining and Manager feild with look up users , now my condition is i have to send list of records which were completed 90 days and 180 days to manager what should i do ? and how ?
 i have to send list of records who complted so and so days from date of joining via email , to selected manager... 
Need Coding Solution Or Best way to achive this ....with solution ..
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

You can use salesforce mass email for this ..

Purushottam Dank 1Purushottam Dank 1
Hello , raj thanks for reply ... but i have different user means differernt managers so when i creatd records i have to select manaher means user 
so my point is i have to send email to that selected user with the reocrds which completed 90 days and 190 from date of joining