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Setting up a Community and MyDomain - are the two connected?

I'm getting ready to add a community, however, I'm concerned if enabling Communities has anything to do with My-Domain?  If I setup a community - do I have to enable My-Domain?  I have some external integrations that i'm sure are using my node isntance (ie NA56.salesforce.com)  in integrations, and I'm not ready to implement My-Domain yet.

Should I be concerned about setting up a Community with regard to not being ready to implement My-Domain?
Alex SelwynAlex Selwyn
You do not need to implement my-domain to enable communities.

My Domain: This adds a sub-domain to your salesforce instance. <mydomain>.my.salesforce.com. More information here.

Salesforce Sites Domain: This is the sub-domain to your force.com domain. You have to define a site domain, I believe when you enabled communities you would have provided a domain name. <SitesDomain>.force.com/community1, <SitesDomain>.force.com/community2, where community1, 2 are name of the community you create.

Custom Domain: You can render your community from your company domain, <SitesDomain>.force.com/community1 --> can be rendered from <yourcompany>.com/community, this needs setup in your DNS.