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Glenn Nyhan 54Glenn Nyhan 54 

Turning off a Process Builder Process when Another Process Builder Process Fires

I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. I have set up 3 Process Builder Processes to send out email to contacts. The first process sends an email when a contact's membership is 30 days out from expiration. The second Process Builder process send an email when the contacts membership is 14 days out from expiring, and the third Process Builder process is set to send an email one day after the contacts membership expires. But if the first email goes out at 30 days prior and the contact responds we don't want the 2nd or 3rd emails to go out, and if they don't respond then we want the 14 day notice to go out, and of course if the 14 day notice goes out and the contact responds then the last email in the chain should not go out. 

So the issue is, is there a way when and if the contact responds for me to check a box or create a Process or Workflow rule to cancel the other emails in the chain from being sent?
kishore Thudikishore Thudi
I think, It's better to have a check box on contacts, when the contact responds update the check box to true, and add a condtion in the second and third process to check that check box. If it is not true, then only second process will send out an email, and the third process as well.

Hope this would help you!

Glenn Nyhan 54Glenn Nyhan 54
Hi Kishore...thanks for the response. I get the concept you are suggesting but not the execution. Are you suggesting building into the Process Builder processes a connection to the Contact via a check box that adds a field such as a drop down that indicates false and if that field is false add that to the formula in the flow that negates sending the email?