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Actionsupport onchange event is not working on filtered lookup when i clear out the value


I have a lookup field in a object which is having filter on it. 
I am overriding new page with vf page. I have displayed this lookup filed in visualforce page. Which is displayed as readonly mode like user can not enter the value directly in it. User has to use the lookup icon to select the value. Once user select's a vlaue in it, it will give cross symbol to clear out the value from lookup field.

I have written onchange action support event on this lookup field to perform few validations. When i select the value in to lookup, event is firing and displaying the validation error message. But when i clear out the value using cross symbol, event is not firing and action is not performed. I want to fire an action when user clear out the value from this lookup. Kindly help me to solve this issue.