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Sarah BurtonSarah Burton 

EventRelation in Flow

I understand the VERY basics of flow but this one is a more complicated use case that I am keen to understand. 

All our users are in Salesforce as contacts. If someone with an email address that contains <ourcompanyname> is added as contact to the meeting, I would like the USER to be added to the meeting and an email sent to the user. 

I have fallen at the first hurdle... I set this up as a very basic start and it is meant to add any contacts to the invitee list.
However, it only works for the Primary contact and I need it to work for all the contacts associated? 

If anyone can offer any guidance it would be amazing. I have never worked with the EventRelation before. 
I have a feeling I may need to loop? or collection? 

Many thanks in advance, Sarah 

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