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How to Grant permission to change lead owner of a leada that are owned by others

Hi All,
We have a Role Hierarchy as 'VP Sales manager' and 'Sales Reps'.Sales Reps are under the VP Sales Manager.
  • To Restrict the Data/Records, we made the OWD as Private on Leads Object.With these OWD settings, only Lead Owners Can see there leads.
  • Also SalesReps has to see the Leads owned by 'VP Sales Manager' and able to change the Lead Owner on to there name.So, I have provided the Lead Sharing rule with Public Read/Write.
  • With the above Setting, Salesreps are able view the Leads Owned by 'VP Sales Manager', but they are not able to change the Owner.
I have created Permission Set with Modify all, but with this SalesReps are able to view the Leads of Other SalesReps(we don't want to see other SalesRep data)
How to achieve this. Some of blogs menthoned that Transfer Lead Option, but I am not able to view that Option.

Appreciated your help.


NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Naren,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

If you are talking about the Mass Transfer option in the setup menu,

These are basic requirements for it. Modify All Data and Transfer Records.
For Object specific, A user must have a modify all permission on an object either via profile or permission set, they will have the ability to transfer records to a different owner just for that specific records of that said object.

Please refer to below links for more information. Hope this helps.