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thomas Bosserthomas Bosser 

Embed Salesfoce into an iframe on my backoffice

I would like to embed Salesforce into my company's Backoffice to regroup two backoffices in one.
I unable the clickjack for non-setup page but it still doesn't work.

Can it be done ? If so, how ?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Thomas,

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

If I understand your requirement correctly, If you want to embed a public salesforce site on a website outside of the salesforce domain, you can disable the described problem by enabling framing settings for your site. If you want to embed the whole developer platform, you are probably out of luck.

Allow Site iFrame embedding: To be able to embed a salesforce Site in an iFrame outside of the Salesforce domain, you need to disable the "clickjack protection" in your site settings. Shown here in the screenshot. 
User-added image

Hope this helps.

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