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Can we get the average value for the same field for three different group bys in conga composer

Hi All,

Can you please help with the requirement for conga composer report, I am having three fields which i need to use Group by "department__c", "Function__c", "Member__r.Name" and get the data. below is the query for example. I am getting the total average for the records but i should need the average in different way.

Like we need the avaerage of Effectiveness__c for Department__C, avaerage of Effectiveness__c for Function__c, and avaerage of Effectiveness__c for Member__r.Name

below is the tree view
Function__c-- sceond top
Member__r.Name-- last 

Current Query:
SELECT AVG(EffectiveNess__c), department__c, Function__c, Member__r.Name FROM FF__Plan__c GROUP BY department__c, Function__c, Member__r.Name

below is the test data: i need the effectiveness indiviudally like for a department i need the average effectivess, for a function, for a member.
Effective ness  Department Function  Member
10                    Dept1          Func11    Member11
20                    Dept1          Func11    Member12
10                    Dept1          Func12   Member11
20                    Dept1          Func12   Member12
10                    Dept2          Func21   Member21
10                    Dept2          Func21   Member22

Please help me on this request