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Lightning Dashboard - Chart says "we can't draw this chart because there is no data" but underlying report has data.

We are using lightning and it is a bit frustrating at times becuase we have a dashboard that has charts on it and sometimes the charts say  "We can't draw this chart because there is no data", but then when you click the "View report" link underneath data is definitely there.   Any idea on how to solve for this?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Edit a dashboard and see what is set for "View Dashboard As".

Run as specified user. The dashboard runs using the security settings of that single, specific user. All users with access to the dashboard see the same data, regardless of their own personal security settings. This approach is perfect for sharing the big picture across a hierarchy, or motivating team members by showing peer performance within a team. Unless you have “View All Data,” you can only choose yourself.
 Run as logged-in user. A dynamic dashboard runs using the security settings of the user viewing the dashboard. Each user sees the dashboard according to his or her own access level. This approach helps administrators share one common set of dashboard components to users with different levels of access.
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