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Jose ArochoJose Arocho 

Create a View for Transaction Security Policies

There no longer a way to create a vew for Transaction Security Policies (after it was migrated from Classic to Lighting). I am not able to complete the following challenge: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/transaction_security/transaction_security_manage_policies?trail_id=force_com_admin_advanced
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

I think you need to enable the Transaction Security Policies

From Setup, enter Transaction Security in the Quick Find box, then select Transaction Security Policies.
Click Enable. 

Jose ArochoJose Arocho
The transaction security polices are enabled. I can also see the current list of policies. The ability to create a view is no longer available under the transaction security policies for classic. It only shows the lighting view that doesn’t have this option. Please see for yourself by going to the transaction security policies screen using classic. This is the only challenge left for this trail and I want to complete it.
Peter SinghPeter Singh
I also have this issue,

Even though I changed to salesforce classic, It looks like Lightning experience.. not classic !!

I have submitted a case for it and hopefully someone will look into it
Teodora PopaTeodora Popa
Hey guys, solution posted by Hermia Lam on this thread (solution pasted below too): https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F00000008o0JIAQ#!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_SEARCH_RESULT&id=9060G0000005qwNQAQ

URL hack below works great! I did this in a developer org, not a trailhead playground but it may work there also. After saving the My_Policies list view, you get a screen that says the URL no longer exists, but if you ignore this and go back and "Check Challenge" it will go through without an error. 

Hermia Lam
Here's a workaround for it, this url hack will land you directly to the listview creation page