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Some sort of AI solutions?

How AI Is Changing Sales. Have you tried implementing some sorts of AI solution in your business, and to what degree of success?
Paul Sciandra 1Paul Sciandra 1
To a certain extend – yes, it is useful thing, considering that you  can do predictive analytics and automate some data-related tasks. It is not extreme AI that talks to you, and might seem a bit underwhelming, but according to our analysis we’ve actually made ROI back, in less than a year. But it all depends of course, how you envision your Sales AI system. This article (https://www.omi.co/analytics/why-ai-is-going-to-be-the-driving-force-in-sales-marketing/) by one of our partner-companies, breaks it down really well, what can you achieve with AI today, and what you’ll be able to achieve several years from now.