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Heather RosenbergHeather Rosenberg 

What you need to look for in a salesforce admin

Hey, we are currently looking for a Salesforce admin in our company, so I have a question: what you need to look for in a salesforce admin?
Gobinath AGobinath A
Hi Heather,

Admin shoudl have very good experiance in below Areas.

Declarative development:
Objects and Fields
Workflow Rules
Visual WorkFlows
Validation Rules
Approval Process
Force.com Sites

If you wanna Admin COnsultant, please post your requirement in the below Salesforce portal.


Paul Sciandra 1Paul Sciandra 1
Hello, Heather. There are a couple of qualities that I think are key: PM experience, he\she must share your vision and understanding of your marketing and sales processes. That pretty much makes an ideal Admin. If you want to go more in-depth into qualifications, certifications and so on, I can recommend you reading this article (https://www.omi.co/administration/how-to-choose-a-salesforce-administrator-for-your-business/) which is actually a guide to picking salesforce admin for your business. So I guess it’ll be more useful than anything I’ll say in a short post here.