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Saddam Hussain 33Saddam Hussain 33 

How to get the Incoming call data into lightning component when accept the call in softphone layout


I want to give the background of requirment.

As of now we are using customized interaction log visualforce page in custom console in contact details, in that vf page we are using one javascript method " sforce.console.cti.onCallBegin () " this will execute when accept the incoming call in CTI layout and its working as expect.
But here requierment is 
The same vf page we add into the Lightning exeperience contact detail page, but this " sforce.console.cti.onCallBegin () " is not working as exepect.
My question here

what is the alertnate method for lightning exeperience to get the incoming call data ?
How to get the incoming call data into lightning component?

Can anybody help me on this as it is urgent requirment.
Md. Saddam
Martin Davis 28Martin Davis 28
Any luck getting this figured out we are in the same boat.