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Mr. HMr. H 

How can I delete a Lightning Community Template?

Hi folks. How can I delete a Lightning Community Template? I went to setup > customize > communities > Lightning Community Templates. I can see them there, 2 of them but I cannot delete them. I wouldn't want for anyone to use these templates in newer communities. Everytime I try to delete either I receive the following:

-The object you're trying to delete is in use on site name_of_community, which is published.
-The object you're trying to delete is in use on site name_of_community, which is under development.

However, none of my communities are using these templates any longer. I went to my community workpaces 1 by 1 and under administration I see all of them using the "customer service" template. Yet, it keeps telling me that the 2 custom templates are in use. It shouldn't be this hard to delete a template. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

You can delete only inactive community pages. To see inactive pages, scroll to the bottom of the Pages menu.
You can’t delete a Data Detail page if it’s the only page associated with a given Salesforce object. If you have more than one Data Detail page for the same object, you can delete the inactive one.

Check below link.

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Mr. HMr. H
Hi Sandhya, I appreciate the response but I asked how to delete a community "template". For instance, I used a template from salesforce, then I modified it and exported it out and saved it as a template for us to use internally. Now I cannot delete that template so anyone in the company can go and use it despite being dated. Again, I'm not referring to pages but a community template.
Did you ever figure out how to delete your community template?

Mr. HMr. H
The sandbox was refreshed and everything went away. I still think it's a problem, but I am staying away from these templates for a bit. I'll keep an eye on this question in case someone comes up with a solution and/or if I encounter the need to delete again.