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Salesforce integration with opencell


I want to expose my salesforce Org to OpenSale, what steps should i follow ?

Thank you for your advise
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sindhura (Heptarc)sindhura (Heptarc)
Hi Sandrine,
Salesforce integration with open cell.
Here is the procedure for that,
Go to salesforce org  Go to accounts 
1. Create a new account 
2. Give a name to your account
3. Email Id  for the account
After saving account go to opportunities  related  list
1. Create New Quote
2. select the new subscription
3. Give Quote name
4. click next
It will direct you to the offers
1. select the "OF-ClASSIC-MAIN"
2. Select the Super open Classic(Subscription free, recurring usage)
3. It will direct you to Offer details page
4. Enable 3 checkboxes there except the "Rebate"
5. Select the checkboxes of :
    a. 5_SE_Classic_OSS_UNIT
    b. 5_SE_Classic_RCC_FLAT
    c.  5_SE_Classic_USG_UNIT
It will open the Quote you created 
1. Click Accept button 
2. Create subscription Date 
3. Click save 
Now open the Open cell account 
1. In the list of the accounts in the open cell
2. Click on the Account name which you created now for
    the subscription 
3. Modify the changes where you want in your account 
   like offers.
4. click save.

Hope It would be helpful
Thank you