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Override Edit All Order Products page w Visual Force using Standard Controllers possible?

We have different record types for Orders and depending on the Record Type fields populated for Order Products differ.
Since Salesforce does not support RTs for Order Products (as well as Opp/Quote products) I developed visual force page with conditional formatting based on RT for editting Order Products.

However can't figure out a method to override Edit All button with VisualForce page using Standard or List Controller - trying to avoid writing a custom controller.   When I try to use List controller get error that Order Products object is not supported.

Any suggestions?

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I ended up creating a controller extension for this issue based on Order controller however I am unable to override the Order Product "Edit All" button with the VF page.   Also tried testing with a page based on Order Product controller but the Order Id value is not populated.
Also tried to do a custom link that would load my custom VF page passing in the OrderId as a parameter but the OrderId is not set.

My conclusion is there is not really a method to override the Edit All button or for that matter create a custom button with Order Products that would pass the Order Id to the VF page.

My current solution is to put a custom button on the Order page but this is not ideal.

Any suggestions?